Vote For Strong Representation Elect Chernen

Glen is running to provide a viable winning choice to provide you a strong Council member with independent thought, an eye for detail, and who will demand accountability from the City. Glen has been unrelenting in his push for honesty, integrity and transparency from the City of Vancouver and will continue pushing from Council for a strong ethical foundation that benefits you and your community.


There is a reason why Vancouver City Hall is broken. The elite are in charge. Some of the Mayor’s most unwanted plans have been approved, while scant details were ever disclosed by staff. Things must change. Council must demand better information from staff before voting. Decisions must be more carefully considered. The public must be truly consulted and involved.


Can Vancouver be Repaired?

It won’t be easy but with the right people it can be done.


What Must Be Done

Locals must be put in charge of the decisions affecting us all, and professional lobbyists must be stopped from pulling the strings. Only then can the secrecy and conflicts cease at City Hall. The must focus on reducing bloated expenditures and other losses, which will lead to a better run City for you. The city will finally place the housing needs of locals, before encouraging safety deposit boxes in the sky. The city will engage in proper neighbourhood consultation (residents & businesses) for new development or infrastructure, not just notify residents after a decision has been made. Personally, I promise to do everything in the City’s legal power, to keep the viaducts in place, and ensure that park obligations in the surrounding False Creek area, are immediately enforced. I promise you that the City Communications Department (about 50 staff now), would be faced with significant budget cutbacks without the public suffering any meaningful loss of.…”communication”. Best interests of all residents and businesses must come first. The pressing questions of this City will finally be dealt with. Questions like, “would residents support a reopening of Point Grey Road to all commuters?”,  “What can the city do to help the most vulnerable?”, “What can we do to help locals not only afford to continue living here, but thrive here?”, “Why does it take so long to get a permit and what can we do to speed up the process?”. There are so many issues, but the residents have the answers. It will be my job to listen.


My Qualities and Mission

I am running to provide a viable winning choice that offers independent thought, a keen eye, while ensuring accountability from the City of Vancouver. In 2012 I woke up to see the harm being done to Vancouver by the City itself. At first it was hard to know why bad decisions were being made but I have learned much in the past five years. Since then I have linked with and helped grow a network of researchers and supporters while exposing many of the schemes that have been negatively affecting the City. I have been unrelenting in my push for honesty, integrity and transparency from the City of Vancouver and intend to continue pushing from Council for a strong ethical foundation that benefits you, your family and community.

Finance & Economics

Help elect the only representative on Council that will carefully go over each proposal with microscopic detail to ensure everything adds up in your favour and to tell you about it. Nearly 20 years of securities analysis and investing has provided me with the ability other candidates just can’t offer.


Elect the only candidate with a proven track record of forcing government transparency through FOI and other processes. Elect me so I can help be your eyes, ears, and voice in Council.

Transportation Infrastructure

Elect the only candidate who will consider the real needs and impacts on the city and immediate community, and who will honestly push for transportation solutions that benefit Vancouver 365 days a year. The viaducts must remain in use as removal plans are purely a land grab for insiders.


Vote for integrity. I have been fighting the good fight for the citizens of Vancouver since 2012 and want to help put you in charge, by keeping our City accountable to its residents. Integrity is owning up to your errors and not passing the blame. City management need to be held accountable.


Let Glen’s passion for honest government go to work for you and Vancouver. How could he have discovered hundreds of millions of intentional City of Vancouver losses while the current band of politicians remain unaware?  Elect a candidate that is financially literate and will actually read the contracts that he is approving. What a concept?

Strong Community / Healthy Environment

Initially inspired to get involved by observing City shortcomings; now inspired by friends, family, and community. I will do all that I can to strengthen and protect our communities and environment.

Turn This Ship Around

Why am I doing this? Out of love and concern for my children and my country. Being a dad and a coach to young children, I have realized how much they depend upon the adults in their lives. I never thought officials in my very own home town might lie, cheat, hide, destroy evidence, or worse, to protect themselves. Now that I have discovered these things, I cannot leave it be. There should be no place in government for officials that serve themselves first. The City must work for all and it will take army to make it happen. Please help me. Help you. Together, we will make this A BETTER VANCOUVER.

When elected, I will set the standard for openness. As I have actually read the City “employment code of conduct”, many times I won’t have any problem learning how to comply with it. All discussions/communications that might occur with any applicant will be disclosed in a timely manner. I will recuse myself from voting if I ever put myself in a conflicted arrangement such as….perhaps…. hanging out with an applicant of a condo on Richards street just days, weeks, months, or ever – ahead of a Council vote. Not only will I follow the employment code and the law, but I vow to work for the best interest of all residents of Vancouver and do everything I can to provide a fair and accountable Council and government. Together, we will this.

A vote for me is a vote for A BETTER VANCOUVER.

The City of Vancouver has an odd style of communication. Time and time again, the City of Vancouver refuses to assist in the open and transparent provision of public information. Over the past five years Glen has submitted various “Freedom of Information” requests to various government bodies when the public disclosures have been rather thin. This has led to a great deal of blowback and creativity on the part of officials who have attempted to deny honest and open disclosure in a multitude of ways. In short, the residents of Vancouver are being left in the dark while huge amounts of money are vanishing under our noses. It’s time to turn this ship around. Vote For Chernen – For the Vancouver You Deserve

About My City Related Discoveries

Raw Facts

I discovered that the City & BC Housing withheld information concerning the 508 Helmcken land disposal.

  • The purchaser obtained this land in a non compete arrangement.
  • Value disclosure Discrepancy = $65+ million dollars (2012/2013).
  • City & province internal (2012/2013) valuations equalled approx. $80 million dollars.
  • City & province public  (2012/2013) valuation disclosure = $15 million dollars on same property.

The Mayor and Vision Party Involvement

  • The Vision Party 2014 election campaign fundraiser was deeply involved in this project.

Document Denial

  • BC Housing then revealed internal documents to myself and others in March 2017 which gave a far different story than the City of Vancouver.
  • The City refuses to admit many known documents exist.
  • While the City disposed their property (508 Helmcken “City land”), the City also discreetly approved and funded a contractor (Feb 2015) who was working to reduce the assessed value of their sale property for another client.
  • Why did City staff hire an appraisal contractor for this property, when he was also working to reduce the assessed value for another client?

BC Assessment – Oakridge

  • $367 Million dollars. I discovered a discreet assessment reduction given to benefit the development consortium at Oakridge Mall which includes another of the Mayor’s former campaign fundraisers.
  • The City remained silent while this massive tax revenue loss unfolded.
  • The BC Privacy Commissioner “OIPC” ordered BC Assessment to disclose much of the documentary evidence in an inquiry in fall 2017.
  • BC Assessment has chosen to fight this decision for transparency by taking the BC Privacy Commissioner to court rather than disclose the information.


$1 million dollar Option Disposal

  • Discovered how City secretly disposed of $1 million dollar financial option for $1 in the Broadway corridor.