Take our city back! Elect Glen – Mailout #2

Dear NPA member,

I’m a proud Canadian with solid roots in Vancouver and you can feel safe that I will be looking out for the best interests of you and your family.

I want to offer my years of experience in investment and financial analysis, to guard your best interests at city hall. The time of backroom deals and Vision Vancouver cronyism has to end and i’m just the guy to make it happen.

And now, at the urging of many of the party faithful, I am honoured for the chance to run as the NPA Party Council candidate.

Now is the time to bolster our existing NPA Councillors with someone that can actually help them and the public. Now is the time to elect someone who has been fighting for our community. Now is the time to elect a Councillor with years of experience identifying financial irregularities. Now is the time to elect someone to help take our city back!

On the other hand, Gregor Robertson’s priority these days seems to be jetting off to foreign destinations while preaching about reducing emissions. Meanwhile his squad of transportation wizards are intent on continuously messing up our roads as Vision mismanage his quiet firesale disposition of the City’s valuable real estate. Vision has been a total disaster. Despite this, the NPA has had a tough time keeping them accountable and now is not the time to elect an unknown candidate like Mr. Bremner who actually seems to be dancing to the same tune as our Mayor, with his own ideas to dramatically increase densification.

Hector Bremner has said he wants to replace every single door with 30 new doors, which does not sound much different than Vision. But he neglects to say at what cost? How we are supposed to believe he disapproves of the current administration when he sounds the same? Hypocrisy will confuse voters and become an NPA liability. The NPA does not have the luxury to gamble on this type of candidate when the public are outraged with this type of thinking.

In the last 9 years under Vision we have seen the Burrard Bridge constantly under renovations and construction, which makes me very concerned about their plans for the viaducts. There can’t be a single Vancouver voter who believes this outrageous Viaducts land disposal idea can be accomplished without imposing massive traffic gridlock for at least a decade and increase your taxes? Voters don’t want the Viaducts dismantled and our roads further clogged up, so you should elect a candidate that understands this. I suggest you ask my competitors if they think we should leave the viaducts alone.

Voters want the experience and integrity I have to protect you from ill conceived plans that would cost you dearly. I am the only NPA nominee who can appeal to all voters in all areas of this City enough to deliver election victory.

With the support of NPA members I will win a new NPA seat in Council where I will work with NPA Councillors, Affleck, DeGenova, and Ball to level out the playing field for everyone, and point Vancouver back in the right direction.

A Vote for me on Wednesday September 6th is a vote for the safe candidate.
Let’s take our city back! – and have yourself a great, safe long weekend.


Glen Chernen

NPA Council Nominee

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