Glen Chernen is seeking a seat on Vancouver City Council in the upcoming October 14, 2017 by-election to replace Vision Vancouver Councillor Geoff Meggs. Glen has been encouraged by many supporters to run with the NPA and Glen is strongly considering that option. Glen Chernen founded and ran with the Cedar Party in 2014. After the 2014 election he withdrew his Cedar involvement and membership.

Glen is running to provide a viable winning choice to provide a Council member with independent thought, an eye for detail, and who will demand accountability from the City. Glen feels that Vancouver is being harmed by bad recommendations and bad management by top City officials, that appear designed to benefit investors. Glen has been unrelenting in his push for honesty, integrity and transparency from the City of Vancouver and will continue pushing from Council for a strong ethical foundation that benefits you and your community.

There is a reason why Vancouver City Hall is broken. It’s because there is no real opposition, therefore you are not being represented. Case in point is the weak opposition voting record. The NPA has duplicated and supported some of the Mayor’s most unwanted plans, while scant details were ever disclosed by staff. Council must demand better information and understand what they are evaluating before voting.

Can it be Fixed?

The NPA is damaged, but it could be fixed. NPA need to use different tactics and earn a wider base to pull off a strong win. They need someone that has earned that support from the public. They need to be better at communicating. They need new blood. The NPA must raise its voice. The NPA needs to act now. Glen can provide what is needed to pull off a strong win. If he runs with the NPA, he would be representing a reborn and fully transparent NPA as their nominee. He is eager to lead Vancouver in voicing the concerns of Vancouverites.


Mr.Chernen is a long time resident of Vancouver where he was born and raised. Glen and his wife Marie have two beautiful children who are the primary reason why Chernen is so concerned for the future of this great City.


In 2012 Glen woke up to see the harm being done to Vancouver by officials and he has learned much in those past five years. In that time he has linked with and helped grow a network of fellow researchers while exposing many of the schemes that have negatively affected the City.

Glen has been involved in financial analysis, and investment for almost twenty years.


Contact Glen on twitter @glenchernen , visit the campaign website , or campaign email at – Elect Chernen for a better Vancouver!

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